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Tips and Tricks to Make more money as Model

Tricks and positioning on webcam

I think it's the most important thing is how you look in front of the Webcam when you do a live broadcast.

Well, here it matters a lot physical advantages and disadvantages that you have plus this is not good idea to have one position all the time.

To find the best solution how to position yourself in front of the camera is pretty to watch sometimes you watch more customers to the site, besides that

you need (a) to find your forte, and always look at you in webcam and position the camera as you seem to look better.

In girls, dak have big boobs, it is clear that the advantage is to expose them more than other parts of the body because with this you can attract customers, if you have small breasts with a form that you think

it's not attractive but have an advantage with the back (bottom, thighs etc) of course will expose more than the back. In conclusion, regardless of your physical structure can be successful if

Find the most attractive solution, but it's recommended to stay in one position because you get bored customers.

You will think you do not have a physical aspect quite liked that you can earn good money from videochat. NOT! it is false. Often a big ass a woman can bring success.

The customer does not search you, but they're looking depending on what you want to see. Customers are very diverse tastes and whatever your physical appearance can win big money.

Sound and oral communication are some very important issues in the field videochat but if you feel you can not communicate orally with not an issue, you can earn big money

without talking to the web, but it is recommended to comunci verbally with your customers, they will visit on other days.

Free chat

Free chat can sometimes give you success, sometimes not, and here I mean that websites which allow free nude, it is recommended that you look sometimes something and Free

so without asking for money because you will be able to bring large numbers of visitors to your webcamult, and many of them give you a tip just so beautiful eyes, but it can not always happen,

because there are many visitors who only watch it, see for free without paying, and it can happen to show something for free without earning anything, in this case you dress again, with the idea that someone will pay

to start over.

As you lie in bed, in the office or standing in front of the camera, you have to create an environment more interest in your customers and get them to believe you just give them their importance and do not have other occupations

while doing a live broadcast. For example, if you lie in bed and use your mobile phone in other interests (Facebook, messages etc) they will think you are not there and do not give them importance in this stiul

you might just lose all clients and go hours without earning anything. Therefore, when you start a live, put your phone away and looked to be as much in webcam,

answer customer questions often chatting and not stand in front of the camera like a statue, for it no one will be interested in you.

Movements sensual dance are some essential tricks in front of the Webcam, because in this way you manage to excite and motivate your customers to pay for you to give your underwear down

on you.


It is logical, do nothing without patience. If you started the live broadcast, do not think that in two of the second and money. You need patience and to attract them to you in your room, it's impossible at a time

not to pay anyone.

In conclusion, you will not know it's her again how bn to stay positioned in front of the camera, but neither is recommended to always sit in the same position, you will have (a) that all the time to change the positioning,

and choose what is most bn and more advantageous for you, and you realize that it is better for you, is forced to watch when you most visitors in the room. In this way you will realize

what are the advantages and disadvantages when you do your show.

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