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  • The payment method is very important to know- How i paid?

    Most popular websites using Check, Wire Transfer, Payoneer and Paxum method to pay models


    The check metdhod is good because the fees are low, but you need much time to wait to receive your money

    Wire Transfer

    The wire transfer is not recommended because fees are very big, from $20 to $50 , and the minim of payment is to high, $100, $150 or more


    Payoneer is the best payment method, because fees are low like a $3 per transfer and $20-$25 fee for mastercard.

    is very easy to make Payoneer account and you can order a prepaid mastercard at your home. This prepaid mastercard you can use online, at shops, and also at ATM cash mashine

    in more than 250 countries. Payoneer currency is U.S.A dollar , but you can receive at atm in your country currency.

    Most webcam models are using Payoneer for payments method on webcam sites.


    Paxum is similar to payoneer, but the prepaid mastercard have about $44,9 fee per year and another fees

    Is good this payment method too.

    Several websites have another methods payments like Paypal, but the best and popular is Payoneer or Paxum

    When i receive my money?

    The websites policyes is different from site to site, on most popular cam websites you need to have minimum $50 to receive your money.

    When you have maked the minimum amount $50 you can withdraw your money and you need to wait sevaral days to be paid.

    For example on Chaturbate you are paid 2 times per month if you have the minimum amount $50. If you dont have the minimum amount, don't worry, your money you receive on the next pay period (15 days), only if you make the minimum $50 Total money. But on Chaturbate you receive tokens, you need to convert to cash your tokens to be paid. From 1 to 15 is first period, you receive the money in 3 bussines days in 18th for example, next perios from 15 to 31 you receive the money on 3th next month. Also another websites pay every week like Bongacams. Read more info every website about payment in your account in payment section.