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How much money can a webcam model make?

So how much money can you expect to make? This is a trick question. It all depends on how often you are online.  There is no limit on when you can be online or offline. Dedicated models can spend all day and night on camera if wanted. Obviously if these models have the ability to be a full time webcam model, they are going to have maximize earnings.

Adult webcam modeling is performance-based. The models are responsible for getting their own tips. The network will drive a lot of traffic to your chat-room, but they can’t guarantee earnings.

Here is status on CB (chaturbate) earnings for 2 weeks for a model who worked about 2-4 hours per day

Here is status of Cam4 earnings for last 10 days, to same model

So, the earnings is to different from website to website and same for day to day, but is cool ideea to work on much more websites, earnings comming good as well.

For example if a model can make $10 per hour on just one website, is great, because if the model work to 6 different websites  can do easy $50 an hour. If the model work 4 hours per day can do $200 easy.  Not all the time and every hour can a model make $10 but i thing the $200 is good money for 8 hours too. The good models with much experience making about $50 an hour or more each website. These models have higher rates, are identified as porn stars online, and are also recognized by fans and people curious to spend time with a porn star. These people have a definite financial earnings advantage. But most models are not perfect looking specimens and most are not porn stars. 

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