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How to work on cam sites?

Anyone can work individualy, on couple or group, just openning the webcam to start making nice shows at webcam, but you need to be verified by admins if you have 18+ and you are not a fake person. The individual models need to use a good HD webcam like logitech c920 or others good webcams, a fast internet connection (minim 10mb/sec) and a good laptop or desktop PC with 4 gb RAM , dual core processor or higher. Also the good lights more better in your room for high quality broadcast/stream image. Another devices like android smartphones or tablets are not recommended because these devices does not work correctly to the stream.

The time of during show is only the model show option. Everyone can stay only for 1 minute or for several hours. the longer time in the during show is better because time is money. You need to wait for member who buyed tokens (tips) or credits to visit you.

Chatting impression

The best thing to attract more members to visit your webcam is your smile face and the answers in the chat, better using your voice to talk in microphone. If your face image, or if your body image is to bad, members are leaving your cam room. So be the best model to make more money, and be patient. That includes the quality of the feed, what type of shows a model does, the attractiveness of the model. The best things that effect a camming models profits.

The cam script options

Is very important to know, all websites having a different cam scripts and different rules. Some websites like Chaturbate  use tipping goal options , so what is this? The nude show is allowed on free chat member and you can do anything in your show , and when you meet the goal you finish the show what you promised for your members at goal ( example: pussy show@goal) , you show when you meet the goal. But another websites does not allow nude things in free chat. See the rules every website you sign up. Check here the websites list.

Say "thank you" every member

The member entered in your room is very important to respect it. When someone tipped you or enjoyed your private show is important to say "thank you!" or write on chat. If the members are followed you , next time can visit you again and you can make more money. Also you can give a nice kiss at webcam to your members, be attractive.

Regular members in your chat room

So, easy to understand, is very important to get people/friends/followers. Next time when you start to chat again the member visit your chatroom again, and you an make more much money daily.

When start to work on cam websites after to signup?

So, after to signup as model (model account, no member account), the admins need to verify your identity. To verify that, admins need to verify some documents. These documents need be scanned or photo and submitting by sites applications. Read the model rules every website to understand exactly what type of documents you need to submit. After the documents is allready submited , the models need to wait from several hours to 2-3 days to be accepted, if the images are edited by photoshop or other softwares and is not original and clear , the admins can reject your model approval. If some errors occured when you submited or the images are not very good visible, submit again.

Amateur porn activity rules

Very important to know, when you start your cam session, the model can not do porn activity with animals, incest. minors, etc. Read the rules every website, very important.

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